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Vanity case - Love at first flight

Vanity case - Love at first flight

If we were to ask you what 3 things you most enjoy doing with your time, we're sure that you'd include travel among your choices. And rightfully so, no? After all, there really are few experiences that are as truly enriching as travel. What other activity allow you to discover and explore new places, to try new cuisines, to learn local customs and traditions and to visit unique and beautiful monuments at the same time? If that sounds like your type of thing, then there's nothing better than travel for you! So, in order for you to make sure that every trip you take turns out perfectly and that there's absolutely no luggage-related drama (such as something spilling inside your suitcase and soaking all your clothes, for example) we have brought you a new, and very very special, product. It's a portable makeup or cosmetic case that is hard-bodied like a suitcase and with lots of space inside for you to keep your favourite beauty products. It comes with a divider, a mirror inside and an interior strap to help you keep things more under control. There is also an exterior strap to help you attach the case to a larger suitcase. This item was designed by Mr. Wonderful and produced by Gabol, a brand who is an expert in the travel sector and, therefore, produced quality travel products. Plus, it comes with a 5-year guarantee!

- Hard-bodied vanity case made from ABS + PC film, designed by Mr. Wonderful and produced by Gabol, completely lined with lots of space inside.
- It comes with a divider with a mirror and a strap for easier organisation.
- The exterior also includes a strap to attach it to a trolley case or suitcase.
- 5-year guarantee.
- Clean with a damp cloth. Do not scrub.

36 x 29 x 20 cm

Vanity case - Love at first flight
Vanity case - Love at first flight