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Transparent glitter case for iPhone 6/7/8 - Unicorns

Transparent glitter case for iPhone 6/7/8 - Unicorns
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If you're a lover of snowglobes then this transparent glitter phone case which is compatible with iPhones 6,7 and 8, is the thing for you. Because, as well as bringing that Mr. Wonderful-esque charm to your smartphone, the magic of its unicorns will protect your beloved iPhone from scrapes and scratches. And if your phone isn't compatible, but your best friend's is, this also makes an awesome gift. The most original way of having them remember you every time they look at their phone... and not just because of the 435 texts you send them everyday.

Transparent phone case with glitter and floating unicorns, compatible with iPhone 6, 7 and 8. Not only that, it also comes with 6 super cool stickers!