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Squishy plush keyring - Planet

Squishy plush keyring - Planet
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Always remember you are unique, that there’s no-one like you in the entire solar system. Your natural talent, your glowing smile, your determination to do your best every day, your art that can take you everywhere, and even your foibles, like always adding cereal to the milk or hitting the snooze button as many times as you can. All of those things, and a million others, make you spectacular and special. So why not spoil yourself and truly enjoy all the happiness life has to offer?
If you sometimes forget that, especially on tough days, when everything looks grey or when it’s raining cats and dogs, then we have two tricks for you. The first is to send a message to your WhatsApp friends group and wait for their podcast-style audio replies to brighten your day. The second (and almost equally effective) is to look for your keys in your bag or rucksack and then squish this plush memory foam-filled keyring. Original, fun and very practical to help you find your keys, this keyring will go with you around the world.

Keep away from sources of heat and sharp objects.
Do not expose the sun for a long time to prevent the colors from losing intensity.