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Set of 2 erasers to rub it all out and start again

Set of 2 erasers to rub it all out and start again
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Yes that's right, here at Mr. Wonderful we're of the school of thought that our mistakes are exactly what helps us to better ourselves in any given situation. And if we happen to make a mistake, it's a result of us finally deciding to actually do something (we already know that the first step is always the most challenging step to take). And this is already a step in the right direction, one that deserves a celebration with multicoloured confetti and maybe a large pizza for afterwards. So, out of our basic stationery favourites we couldn't forget something that makes picking up and starting again a walk in the park. We're talking about this fantastic set of erasers - a set that includes two super nifty erasers that come in little plastic cases, much like a pen. On top of that, both of them come with a motivating and original message: ""This message has been deleted"" and ""Let me fix it!"".
Both come with a colourful and uplifting design that we created especially to brighten your day and pep you up while you're in class or at the library studying. Plus, you can combine this set of erasers with other products from the Mr. Wonderful stationery collection: notebooks, pencil cases, folders and much more.

Set of erasers in plastic cases with a colourful, eye-catching design - perfect for brightening up any class or subject. Discover more here!