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Samsung A6 Plus case - Avocados

Samsung A6 Plus case - Avocados
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We're sure that you're happy with your life, especially since you have a Samsung A6 Plus - after all, it is a cracking phone! The selfies you take with its awesome 24 megapixels are good enough to frame and display in a museum. Also, its battery lasts for hours on end, and the conversations you have with friends are long and frequent thanks to its power. To sum up, a phone that is im-press-ive. Howeeeever, it doesn't have it's missing a case. Or better put, THE case. A treasure complements another treasure so that's why this case goes so beautifully with the Samsung A6 Plus - plus, avocados make everything in life infinitely better. You love it, right? Knew it.

Transparent phone case for Samsung A6 Plus with avocado pattern. Not only that, it also comes with 6 super cool stickers!