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iPhone 6/7/8 case Sloth - Slow Collection

iPhone 6/7/8 case Sloth - Slow Collection
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The sloth phone case for uPhone 6/7/8 from the Slow Collection isn't made for just anyone. It's for those of you who take life easy peasy, you don't stress out when you see 456 unread notifications on your phone, and you live so carefreely that you wait to charge your phone until it gets down to 1%...So, if you happen to match this description and have fallen in love with this case (like we have), don't hang about to make it yours. We don't want your phone to have an unexpected fall and make you wish you'd done it sooner! Not only that, it also comes with 5 super cool stickers!

Sloth design phone case for iPhone 6/7/8, made from TPU. It also comes with 6 stickers.