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Bottle - Make fun happen

Bottle - Make fun happen
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Tricks to stay fresh as a rose from dawn till dusk? I’m sure there's a long list... But here’s one that’s super easy, healthy and very necessary: drink lots of water. I’m sure you already know that whether you’re at school, uni or work, it’s really important to stay hydrated to be able to give it your all the way only you know how to. A great trick is to keep a bottle at hand wherever you spend most of your time so that you’ll remember to hydrate, and sip by sip, knock back the recommended two litres per day. And what’s even better for the planet (and thus for everyone), is to use a glass bottle so you don’t consume plastic day after day.
Just like this glass and silicone bottle, which can hold 45 cl and is perfect for daily use. Its super practical silicone design prevents slipping, and its motivational message will help you face the day with a smile. Its lovely lilac colour makes it the perfect addition to your desk or study table, so you can take care of yourself in style. This bottle is waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

Borosilicate glass and silicone bottle, BPA-free, with "Make fun happen” message. Capacity 45 cl.

- Wash by hand in warm water or place in the upper tray of the dishwasher.
- Do not freeze.
- Always store with the cap open.