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Mr. Wonderful is the result of an initiative we came up with on our couch at home back in 2011 as we snuggled under a blanket (it was February and a bit chilly). It was all started by Javi and Angi, who are graphic designers and shareholders as well as husband and wife.

Mr. Wonderful was created to be a non-boring graphic design studio sending out positive messages and cheerful phrases every day through its social networks.

The success of these messages and designs made a splash on the web and we added new designs to our product catalogue as our followers on social networks grew.

First we opened our online store in which we sold our products and handled the entire process from design to order preparation. We were soon asked by small gift shops, stationers, etc. if they could start selling our items. Then major chains also wanted to stock Mr. Wonderful products.

So we have been able to keep increasing the number of different products we sell, and our staff and warehouses have expanded. Nowadays we are growing not only in Spain but also internationally, where we increasing our presence.

What we do

We create pretty products that express feelings and connect people with messages full of happiness and optimism. We reflect a way of looking at life; we do not merely create products.

Where we Operate

Responsive Design

Mr. Wonderful Shop is where we display the brands entire universe. It is where you can find all our products as well as other items that have an affinity with us.

We take care of every little detail to ensure that the shopping experience is unique and that customers are pleasantly surprised every time they receive an online order.

We have a large network of points of sale from small gift shops and stationers to major chains.

Mr.Wonderful is sold in points of sale throughout Spain and other European and Latin American countries.

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Social networks are one of our strengths and a major part of what we are. We have always had very direct personal communication with our followers.

We now have a large community of people who share and comment every day on our designs and content. We have many followers who take photographs and share the products they have purchased on their social network

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Collaboration Logo

We have always enjoyed partnering with brands we have a connection with when we believe we can create a great product together. We have worked with companies in a wide variety of sectors and for very different target markets. But we have always kept our personality in our designs, our tone, and in how we address the audience.

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Charity Work

Every year we work on various campaigns with different charitable projects and causes, from small NGOs to the most well-known associations and foundations.

Mr. Wonderful offers both our own products, in the form of regular donations, and design creativity. We have designed products for sale and distribution for charity campaigns.



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