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4000 mAh power bank – Full of dreams (and energy)

4000 mAh power bank – Full of dreams (and energy)
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The day you've been dreaming about is finally here! No more running out of phone battery! Mr. Wonderful has decided to get on the technological band wagon and has designed this super cute power bank with a fantastic message "full of dreams (and energy)". Gone are the days when you run out of battery juuuust as that goal is about to be scored, or just as your friend gets to the best bit in a hilarious story – with this power bank you'll always be charged up! And that means that instead of running about all over town to find someone with a charger and a plug, you'll have more time for the important things in life, like dreaming about your next holiday destination, or finally putting those New Year's resolutions into action in November, or managing to meet up with all your friends at once for a change. What's more, every time you look at this power bank, you'll be reminded how important these things are and you'll always have a grin bigger than the Cheshire cat on your face! With 4000 mAh of power in your pocket you'll barely ever run out of battery (if you remember to charge it that is). Less looking for plug sockets, more dreaming! Check it out here!

- Power Bank mod.
- Layer 4000mAh
- Micro USB cable included
- Battery Li-Polymer
- Input: 5V/800mA
- Output: 5V/800m